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Black ceiling in the interior +75 photos

Black ceiling in the interior

The ceilings in the design of the room are different. But the most unusual and stylish option is the black ceiling in the interior and its variations. It is not possible to translate such an idea into reality in every room, but wherever appropriate, the atmosphere will be transformed in an incredible way.

Color features

What is so special about black? In addition to its obvious monochrome, it is worth considering the attractive depth that it possesses.

Black in the interior visually attracts objects. It seems to absorb part of the space, making it lower and smaller. Therefore, black ceilings can only be made in rooms with sufficient wall heights. In small and low rooms, such a ceiling version will crush and act depressingly.

Black beams on the ceiling in the living room interiorBlack ceiling in the bedroom Stretch ceiling over the bed Matte black ceiling in the kitchen Bedroom with black ceiling Dark ceilings in the house

The minimum ceiling height for the implementation of the black ceiling should be at least 3 meters. This finish option has many advantages. Here is some of them:

  • Balancing color and bright interiors;
  • Correction of too high ceilings;
  • Addition of large panoramic windows;
  • Zoning of the room without additional partitions;
  • Creating a true starry sky effect.

The black ceiling makes the interior extraordinary and unique. Its various variations are always unique with skillful and competent combinations with the color of walls and furniture.

Black ceiling in the hallGlossy black attic ceiling Classic bedroom decor Dark bedroom interior Kitchen-living room with a dark ceiling Black bedroom decor with a private house

The black ceiling in a glossy design will reflect everything that is in the room, and the matte should be diluted with bright lights, otherwise the atmosphere of the square will turn out to be too heavy.

Dark ceiling coverings can be either stretch or wooden. The choice of material depends on the general concept in the interior. And also from those decorative elements that are planned to be placed in it.

Black wooden ceiling

Black ceiling in different interior styles

The first style that comes to mind when you see a dark ceiling is minimalism. How is this version of the ceiling covering implemented in various interior styles? Let's consider this question in more detail:

MinimalismMatte ceilings without unnecessary details.
LoftBlack-painted bricks, ceiling pipes, and other urbanized materials.
ClassicalStucco molding, combination with white zones.
CountryBlack painted boards or beams.
High techMatte or glossy canvas.
RomanA combination with a gold ornament and columns.
EthnicityBlack and white animal skins and colorful patterns on decor elements.
Pop ArtRed walls and maximum contrasts.
ModernVisual zoning, smooth color flow.
Art DecoBronze details, daring combinations and gloss.
Neo-gothicUse on any surface and bright interior accents.
Palace classicismSmall islands on the ceiling between the golden stucco.

Wooden black ceiling in the living roomBathroom with a black ceiling in the house Exquisite bedroom decor Loft style interior Bright chandelier on the black ceiling Wooden ceiling in the house

Partial use of black on the ceiling is acceptable in other interior areas.

Application in different rooms

The triumphal interior procession of the black ceiling began with a bath. For a long period of time in the field of design, absolutely dark from the floor to the ceiling of the bath was considered a chic way of decoration.

Then the black ceilings were made of plastic, stretch fabric and even glass, using spotlights and LED backlighting for them.

Glossy black ceilingStretch black ceiling in the room Stylish bedroom interior Stretch ceiling in a room with a large window Dark ceiling decor Black and white bathroom design

In the living room, this design option is more common than in other rooms. In the bedroom, he is also a good interior solution. But in the children's dark ceilings do not. Since this method of decoration, of course, will put pressure on the child's psyche.

In the kitchen it is possible to use such a ceiling version, both partially and completely. Small hallways black top is absolutely contraindicated. All rooms, except for the nursery, can be decorated with just such a ceiling, but only when the height of the walls there is sufficient to implement the idea.

Living room with dark ceilingBright lighting in the hall Spacious studio apartment Black ceiling in a small apartment Dark gray ceiling in the room Dark wood for ceiling decor

Living room

The living room with a black ceiling is a bit like a throne room. Nevertheless, this option gives the room a solemnity and festivity. If there is a desire to raise the height of the room with the help of a dark color, black decorative stripes merging smoothly with the ceiling should be put on the walls.

Are you dreaming of a bright living room, but are afraid to go too far with your favorite shades? The dark top of the room will muffle any riot of colors, and also add an area of ​​elegance. The black and white tone of the room always looks serious, luxurious and pretentious. Therefore, it is ideal for living rooms, halls and large halls in a glossy design.

Black ceiling with wooden battensCozy interior with a dark ceiling Green and black bedroom decor Bathroom with black stretch ceiling Wooden black ceiling Glossy black ceiling in the house


The dull ceilings in the bedroom act on the person soothingly. This bedroom is perfect for a relaxing holiday. And black here, looks most appropriate.The only problem that may arise with this finishing option is the choice of the color of the walls. It must be approached with all responsibility.

The black ceiling is not allowed in combination with pastel colors. It will make delicate colors faded and expressionless.

Black stretch ceiling in a modern bedroomBlack painted Bathroom in black Black and white ceiling in the kitchen Kitchen with black ceiling Black ceiling zoning

In all other respects, the dark in the interior of the bedroom does not imply any prohibitions. It can be combined with mirrored surfaces, colored islands and extraordinary decor.


The kitchen, which is crowned with a black ceiling, must be made according to the laws of minimalism. A bright kitchen, walls without dimming and a minimum of details - this is the key to interior success.

Even in a kitchen with a dark ceiling, you can use the finish from all natural materials in a natural shade. They seem to be created to blend in with the dark ceiling.

Kitchen in black and white decorBlack beamed ceiling Geometric patterns on the ceiling. LED lights on a dark ceiling Classic-style bedroom with black ceiling Zoning the room with a dark ceiling


Bathroom design here can be anything. The ceiling in such cases is not only black, but also dark brown. The saturation of the dark color here depends on the materials that are used in the interior. For example, black tile with white spots visually resembles a noble marble.

And the cork, painted in dark, is not only attractive, but also environmentally friendly. Wood and even plastic look good in a dark tone. Only if plastic is used in the bathroom, is it necessary to add gloss to all surfaces.

Black bathroom ceiling


What materials can be used to make the dark-colored designer ceiling look great? To do this, take one of the following options:

  • Stretch ceiling;
  • Drywall construction;
  • Tile;
  • Rack mosaic;
  • Wallpaper;
  • Plywood;
  • Paint.

Each of the proposed options is good in its own way. Here, the choice depends on financial capabilities, personal preferences and direction in the interior.

Black beams on the ceilingBacklit black ceiling Stylish bathroom with black ceiling Hall in dark color Bathroom with dark walls and ceiling Creative living room decor

Sometimes a combination of different materials gives unexpected effects.For example, the use of a black laminate and painting on the ceiling makes the interior ultra-modern and memorable.

How to add brightness to the ceiling darker clouds

The decoration of the standard Khrushchev can be diversified if you use a dark ceiling there. But how will it dilute its effect on the appearance of the room?

You can add bright details to the interior: pillows, panels, stained-glass windows, paintings, wraps and lamps. Dark color is also diluted by combining it with bright white walls, wallpaper with color prints, a play of textures and an unusual furniture design. It is also possible to make the ceiling hollow, and to arrange LED illumination inside it. Beautiful and colorful curtains add a highlight to this design, which is simply necessary when using a black ceiling.

Cozy bedroom with black ceiling and walls.Luxurious bedroom ceiling decor Loft interior with dark ceiling Dark wood in the interior Black and white striped ceiling Modern bedroom with black ceiling

The sleeping option implies a variety in the form of bedspreads, plants, colored curtains made of bright beads and fringes. In general, everything that will bring pure colors and unusual shades to the room will do.

When the interior is black from such a ceiling, it is necessary to lighten all the walls and related parts as much as possible. Combinations of black-red, dark gold and black-silver shades on the ceiling are still possible.

Monochrome hall decorElite interior with black ceiling Studio apartment with stretch dark ceiling Stretch ceiling decor Black ceiling in the living room Round black ceiling in the hall

An important role in this case is played by the lighting of the room. The upper light should be supplemented with wall sconces and lamps with an unusual color. Pink lighting will make the interior soft and comfortable, and a bluish glow will add the necessary accents.

To make the dark ceiling look elegant, it is made heterogeneous. Niches, ledges, drawings and plates at the top will only decorate this design option.

Black ceiling bathroomStretch ceiling in the living area The spectacular decor of the kitchen-living room Multi-level black ceiling in the hall Matte black walls and ceiling in the bedroom Black and white striped ceiling over the bed.

A single canvas is well suited to all modern designs. The older the style direction, the richer its history, the more ornate the room should be designed, and, accordingly, its top. Minimalism, on the contrary, does not tolerate intricate patterns, so a single ceiling style is better here than with other options.


The black ceiling is appropriate in many styles. They can issue a guest house, master bedroom or a large living room. The main thing is to follow the rules for handling dark color. And do not violate the proportions of the room by abrupt transitions.

Are there cozy interiors made in dark colors from floor to ceiling? Of course, but it is better to entrust the creation of these images to professionals, since it is very difficult to find the balance here yourself, as well as to choose accessories for such an original interior.

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